Clash Of The Gods (on The History Channel)


Clash of Gods

He Said: Our guest blogger just couldn’t stay away!  Actually I like the show. Some pictures are a little cheesy and all of the heroes (Hercules, Perseus etc.) have paint on one eye which is weird, but overall  it’s a cool show.

She Said: Please welcome our guest blogger, Big He Said.

Big He Said: This series on the History channel retells the great greek myths–that of Zeus, Hades, Hercules, the Minotaur, Medusa, to name a few–as well as Homer’s Odyssey, the epic tale of Odysseus and the trials and tribulations he encountered delaying his return to Ithaca. At the same the series explores both the archaeological evidence for the origin of these tales as well as the real life  lessons we can learn from them. In sum, I really enjoy the series, and I’ve especially  enjoyed watching them with my Percy Jackson sidekick, He Said. We’ve both learned a lot about Greek mythology and benefited from the morality tales that are often a part of the myth. If you don’t get the History channel, the series can (of course) be bought at the History Channel store. Click on the image above. There you’ll find previews of the series as well as opportunities to purchase them.


The Lightning Thief


LightningThiefThe Lightning Thief

He Said: Loved the book!  This is the first in a series about a boy named Percy Jackson who discovers that everything he learned about greek mythology in his history class is real.  In fact  I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good book.  p.s. The movie comes out Presidents day 2010 can’t wait to see it.  (To learn more about the book, don’t want to give anything away in this post, click the link above, to learn more about the movie click the link below.)

She Said: So…He Said asked me to read “The Lightning Thief” and I have to admit that at first I really didn’t want to read it.  I was feeling guilty because Big He Said told He Said he would read it and he didn’t. So I started to read it and I COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN.  In fact I read all 5 books AND the Demigod Files, but more about those on another day.  I can’t ignore the fact that it is a similar premise as “Harry Potter”, but because I’ve learned about the greek Gods and Goddesses in the past I am more drawn to it than HP.  Full disclosure:  While I’ve seen all of the movies, which I really enjoyed, I’ve never read a Harry Potter book. The Lightning Thief is a great introduction to a subject kids will probably address one day in school.  It has been out for awhile now, but with the movie coming out in February it is getting some new attention.  He Said and I will definitely be the first ones in the theater when the movie comes out!

Can’t wait for the Movie!!!